"Did you know that TIMES considers Lena Dunham one of the most influential people in the world?" 

"God, because she is. I need to do something influential really soon. My co-worker is always asking me if I watched the last GIRLS. No. The whole thing is tragic."

"Yes, especially when you live in New York."

"Yeah, but not even that. Think about like middle America. They love that shit."

"That must be how they see New York. How embarrassing. I wish I lived in New York when Sex and the City was being produced," I half-heartedly joked, staring down at The New Yorker on my lap, not reading a single world. 

"My co-worker says I'm going to end up like Carrie. Always wearing heels," Alejandra snickered.

I must have snorted. "And, I mean, obviously it's not like Sex and the City is any bit less ridiculous or more realistic. But at least it gave us something to look forward to." 

Soojin Chang