Swooooning for Swoon at Brooklyn Museum

I'm dying of the flu right now and can barely talk, but I couldn't miss out on seeing the opening of Swoon's installation at Brooklyn Museum... My co-worker Heather was once the studio manager so we ended up going together and meeting Alejandra there. I felt like I was back in Oakland for a second because everyone had face paint and had amazing, big hair. Alejandra heard someone say to Swoon, "Swoon, you made a big thing!" It really is huge. 70 feet tall. Alejandra's only suggestion would be to add music or flying dragonfly up in the very top. We were trying to find Swoon and ended up taking photos of the wrong lady at first (red hair, red dress), which was really hillarious because the false girl loved working it for the camera but was really confused when I told her, "GREAT SHOW." But then we got the money shot of a radiant, laughing (real) Swoon, and so we took the train home because Brooklyn Museum didn't have enough snacks... 

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Soojin Chang