On conflict

Image: Zhang Huan, Nine Holes, 1995.

"Kasper König, the chief curator of art biennale Manifesta, has stunned the art world with his admission that this year’s festival, due to be held in St Petersburg at the end of June, may not go ahead because of the difficulties of working in Russia. In a damning interview with German news broadcaster Deutsche Welle last week, König said the Russian staff had not been paid for almost two months.

He said: 'They don’t have unions looking out for them there. And quite honestly, I’m allergic to situations where I have to act as a go-between between the two systems: Manifesta on the one hand, with its American-positivist perspectives, its missionary-like position bordering on religious — and the Russian side with its strategy of dragging on everything, not filling promises and so on. As a result, with a month to the exhibition’s opening, we’ve reached an impasse: nothing’s happening.'"  

Text via The Calvert Journal.

Soojin Chang