I find myself on this rock, wavering in and out of consciousness. My physical body is but an imprint on the other side. My toes grip on to the stone below yet I am reminded of the ocean that birthed me. 

This birth was violent. As the air hit my lungs, the seams of time and space ruptured beneath me. 

How did I get here?

I merged into the ecstasy of arrival. It’s tempting for the joy of discovery to spiral onto itself, for demons to grow within. 

Yet here, my demons fade as shadows. I am mesmerized by my new reality. 

I am no longer in the corner of the frame. This trance is a conscious one, a glowing whirlwind. The beauty of the world by my own design. 

In my waking sleep, I am drawn by the light that leads me. Step by step, I break out of the circle. 

Who I am begins and ends as I am walking. The nearness of time does not weigh me down. I find myself on this rock. Though I am present, I feel the wind before me. 

- Sophie & Soojin

Soojin Chang